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Monday, 22 March

General Session 10:00AM - 12:00PM ET

General Session - Welcome and Historical Reflection Plenaries

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10:00AM ET - Welcome
Speaker: William Hill, NESAF Chair; Larry Rousseau, Yankee Division Chair; Adam Moore, General Meeting Chair
Description: Get this meeting started with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from your local leaders. With NESAF turning 101, together we will celebrate the past while looking to the future.

10:30AM ET - The NESAF Forestry Profession, 100 Years
Speaker: Ken Laustsen, NESAF Historian/Activist
Description: This centennial presentation will guide us through 100 years of the forestry profession in New England mapping out where we have been to where we are now.

11:15AM ET - History of Forest Science
Speaker: Mark Ashton, The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment
Description: This is an exploration of the New England roots of forest science over the course of history.

Local Business 12:45PM - 1:30PM ET

Getting Down to Business

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12:45PM ET - NESAF Annual Business Meeting
Leader: William Hill, NESAF Chair
Reminder: Voting is limited to NESAF members only.

Technical Sessions 2:00PM - 3:30PM ET

Flashtalks 1 - Moderated by Paul Catanzaro

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2:00PM ET - Perspective of foresters towards forest management certification programs
Speaker: Alex K. George

2:10PM ET - What do family forest owners in the New York City Watershed know about conservation options for their land?
Speaker: Kristopher Brown

2:20PM ET - Initial steps towards a browse impact assessment for forests of the Northeast
Speaker: Pia Ruisi-Besares

2:30PM ET - Compliance forest carbon  projects in the Northeast
Speaker: Margaret Baker

2:40PM ET - Physiological evidence of thinning shock in red spruce
Speaker: Kelly French

2:50PM ET - A re-definition of sustainable forestry
Speaker: Alec Giffen

3:00PM ET - Life in the cold - another challenge for American elm restoration?
Speaker: Paul Schaberg

Check Your Compass

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2:00PM ET - Forestry Ethics in Practice
Speakers: Amanda Mahaffey, Forest Stewards Guild, and Lloyd Irland, University of Maine and Irland Group

Agroforestry and Non-Timber Forest Products - Moderated by Karam Sheban

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2:00PM ET - How Environmental Factors Affect Plantings of Wild-Stimulated Ginseng
Speaker: Karam Shebam, Yale University

2:30PM ET - Distribution, Presence, and Tree Health Impacts of the Chaga fungus in Northeastern Hardwood Forests
Speaker: Rhys Brydon-Williams, University of New Hampshire

3:00PM ET - Silvopasture Regeneration Methods
Speaker: Joseph Orefice, Yale University

Technical Sessions 4:00PM - 5:30PM ET

Relationships between Logger Demographics and Feasibility of Silviculture - Moderated by Nicole Rogers

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4:00PM ET - Workforce research and observations from Maine: Will we have a future workforce able to prescribe and implement silviculture
Speaker: Jessica Leahy, University of Maine SFR

4:30PM ET - 34 years of silviculture and workforce development at Baskahegan Company
Speaker: Kyle Burdick, Baskahegan Company

5:00PM ET - Changes in workforce and silviculture in Massachusetts: 20 years of observation
Speaker: Jennifer Fish, Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation

Walking in our Boots

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4:00PM ET - Gender Equity in Forestry
Speakers: Nancy Patch, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation, Lynn Levine, Nature Connect, and members of the Women Foresters Collaborative

Forest Carbon and Forest Management in Southern New England - Moderated by Tim Hawley

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4:00PM ET - How two Connecticut foresters got unexpected roles as carbon-and-forest management activists
Speaker: Mike Ferrucci and Eric Hansen, Ferrucci and Walicki, LLC

4:30PM ET - Developing an SAF position statement
Speaker: Tim Hawley, NESAF

5:00PM ET - The intersection of carbon science and forest management in southern New England
Speaker: Andrea Urbano, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and Amanda Bunce, University of Connecticut



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