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This 5-module short course will develop foundational knowledge in the relationship between climate regulation, Forests, and Forest Carbon.
Journal of Forestry- March 2019
Read the collection of articles in this issue, take a quiz, earn CFEs, and get a certificate! Test your knowledge on 5 of the published articles spanning social sciences, forest ecology, entomology & pathology, and education & communication.
Journal of Forestry- January 2019
Read the collection of articles in this issue, take a quiz, earn CFEs, and get a certificate! Test your knowledge on 5 of the published articles spanning fire & fuels management, economics, policy, silviculture, and history.

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  • A Landscape-level Assessment of Whitebark Pine Regeneration, Growth, and Mortality in Mixed-species Stands
    Forest monitoring data can provide unbiased, landscape-level assessments of species of interest. This study showed that whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) is more widespread and abundant in mixed-species stands than in whitebark pine-dominated stands, and that regeneration, growth, and mortality of whitebark pines were often comparable in mixed-species vs. pure stands. Presented by Sara Goeking, US Forest Service, at the 2016 SAF National Convention, Madison, WI
  • A Retrospective Analysis of the Pinyon Die-off of the Early 2000s
    The pinyon die-off of the early 2000s, brought about by a combination of drought and the pinyon ips bark beetle, was though by some to be an unprecedented event potentially leading to near extinction of common pinyon. The population is still in negative net growth, but shows signs of recovering. Presented by John Shaw, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, Forest Inventory and Analysis, at the 2017 SAF National Convention, Albuquerque, NM
  • Adapting Forests to Climate Change: New Resources for Forestry Professionals
    Land managers need tools that support climate adaptation decision-making. The Adaptation Workbook provides information and resources regarding climate change for incorporating adaptation into forest management. We describe new initiatives recently launched that expand the focus of climate-informed management to strategies for managing water resources, carbon storage, and urban forests to improve meeting the needs of professionals managing a diversity of resources. Presented by Todd Gardiner, USDA Forest Service - GMUG National Forests, at the 2017 SAF National Convention, Albuquerque, NM