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Tuesday, 23 March

General Session 8:00AM - 10:00AM ET

Now and Into the Future Plenaries

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8:00AM ET - Current State of New England Forestry
Speakers: Karen Bennett and Steven Roberge, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
Description: This is an exploration of the current state of the forest industry, forestry related effects of new technologies, and the impacts of forest policy on the management of private and public forestland within New England.

8:45AM ET - Future of Forests and Forestry
Speaker: Anthony D'Amato, University of Vermont
Description: Looking ahead 100 years this presentation will offer insight as to what the future may hold for the profession of forestry. We will explore technological advancements, changes in the workforce, potential changes in the landscape, and challenges and opportunities for forests and forestry posed by climate change.

10:00AM ET - A Call to Action
Speakers: Paul Dolan, Rhode Island RC&D Council, Adam Moore, Sheriff's Meadow Foundation, and Terry Baker, Society of American Foresters
Description: This panel will inspire enthusiasm and share creative ideas for the foresters and forests of the future. The speakers will weave together the themes that animated foresters 101 years ago to form the New England Society of American Foresters into the themes animating the profession in 2021.

Technical Sessions 10:30AM - 11:30AM ET

Flashtalks 2 - Moderated by Anthony D'Amato

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10:30AM ET - Management and climate change impacts on the sustainability of lowland northern white-cedar
Speaker: Katlyn Schulze

10:40AM ET - Assessing the role of timing in drought and defoliation-related tree mortality
Speaker: Danielle Tanzer

10:50AM ET - Response of dead wood to weather and forest management: Emerging results from an adaptive silviculture experiment in NH
Speaker: Chris Woodall

11:00AM ET - Adapting adaptive silviculture to the exurban landscape
Speaker: Amanda Bunce

11:10AM ET - Plant your way out of climate change? Examining initial outcomes of climate-adapted plantings for adapting northern forests to global change
Speaker: Peter Clark

Flashtalks 3 - Moderated by Paul Catanzaro

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10:30AM ET - What in the world are offsets – an introduction to the forest carbon market
Speaker: Reid Lewis

10:40AM ET - Rule-based classification to optimize forest carbon sequestration following an eastern spruce budworm outbreak
Speaker: Lisa Scott

10:50AM ET - A new forestry investment vehicle
Speaker: Alec Giffen

11:00AM ET - Climate action through forestry and wood products
Speaker: Connor Rocket

11:10AM ET - Forest Carbon Works provides carbon market access to private woodland owners in New England
Speaker: Sean Hart

Award Ceremony 12:00PM - 1:00PM ET

Award Ceremony

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12:00PM ET - NESAF Awards Ceremony
Moderator: Ken Laustsen, NESAF Historian/Activist
Description: Join us in this celebration as we recognize the 2020 and 2021 NESAF award recipients.

Technical Sessions 1:30PM - 3:00PM ET

Long-term Research on the Dynamics of Southern New England Oak-Hardwood Forests - Moderated by Mark Ashton

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1:30PM ET - Legacy forest structures differentially affect regeneration in a 25-year chronosequence of oak-hardwood shelterwoods
Speaker: Jessica Wikle, University of Vermont

2:00PM ET - The David M. Smith plots: Sixty years of monitoring the regeneration dynamics across forest openings of a mixed-hardwood forest
Speaker: David Woodbury, Yale University

2:30PM ET - Black swans and stand dynamics
Speaker: Jeffrey Ward, Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station

Open Call Presentations 1 - Moderated by Nicole Rogers and others

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1:30PM ET - Quantifying and mapping the risk of forest conversion in Vermont to support planning and conservation
Speaker: Alison Adams, Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

1:55PM ET - Economic and ecological outcomes of timber stand improvement: a case study
Speaker: Mackenzie Kalp, University of New Hampshire

2:20PM ET - Dynamics of large, private forest ownerships in the U.S.
Speaker: Emma Sass, University of Massachusetts

2:40PM ET - The Family Forest Owners of New England: A look at the newest results from the National Woodland Owner Survey
Speaker: Jesse Caputo, USDA Forest Service

Forest Speed Networking: Connecting forestry's future with its present

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1:30PM ET - Forest Speed Networking
Moderator: Anthony D'Amato, University of Vermont
Description: Looking for a job? Looking to hire someone? Come to Speed Networking: connecting forestry’s present with its future. Featuring five to eight breakout rooms to interface with practicing professionals.

Technical Sessions 3:30PM - 5:00PM ET

Urban Forests: The role of people, planting, and management in maintaining healthy urban forests for the future - Moderated by Colleen Murphy-Dunning

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3:30PM ET - Thinking beyond the backyard: How local planting palettes are steering species composition in the Northeastern USA
Speaker: Danica Doroski, Yale University

4:00PM ET - Forested Natural Areas in Cities: Vegetation Patterns and Governance over Temporal and Spatial Scales
Speaker: Clara Pregitzer, Natural Areas Conservancy in New York City

4:30PM ET - Urban Resources Initiative: a university model for clinical urban forestry education
Speaker: Caroline Scanlan, Yale University

Open Call Presentations 2 - Moderated by Jeffrey Ward and others

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3:30PM ET - Silviculture in the Northern Conifer Forest: How Many Decades are Needed to Evaluate Outcomes?
Speaker: Laura Kenefic, USDA Forest Service

4:00PM ET - Semantic segmentation and deep learning for invasive species detection in the deciduous forest understory using RGB aerial imagery
Speaker: Nancy Marek, University of Connecticut

Restoration of fire influence landscapes - Moderated by Fletcher Clark

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3:30PM ET - Significance of inland sand barrens
Speaker: Chris Buelow, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

4:00PM ET - Operational forestry aspect of restoration
Speaker: Benjamin Mazzei, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

4:30PM ET - Role of prescribed fire in restoration
Speaker: Caren Caljouw, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife



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