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Journal of Forestry Quiz - May 2024
Read the collection of articles in this issue, take a quiz, earn CFEs, and get a certificate! Test your knowledge on 5 of the published articles spanning forest ecology, urban & community forestry, economics, measurement, and education & communication.
California Urban Wood Academy Virtual Workshop
Gain a broader understanding of the ways that urban wood is being used for good rather than waste. Learn from leading experts in urban wood utilization in this free virtual workshop.
Understanding Hardwood Log/Lumber Grades for Foresters: In the Field & at the Mill
Learn how to approximate value hardwood trees, logs, and products in this micro-course.

Featured Webinars

The Role of Management in Structuring Pollinator Communities of Forested Landscapes in the Eastern United States
This webinar introduces a novel perspective of how to manage the natural landscape for robust pollinator communities that is derived through collaborations between land managers and academic researchers.
How Anatomical Features of Urban Wood Create Unique Designs
This webinar explains urban wood anatomical features and how their beauty translates into marketing and sales.
Decisions in Forestry: A Foundation from Indigenous Points of View
Earn CFEs from this webinar hosted by the SAF Sustainability Community of Interest and is supported by the Forest Science and Technology Board.

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Free SAF Videos

  • Spread of Emerald Ash Borer and the Potential Extirpation of a Culturally and Ecologically Important Tree

    Black ash (Fraxinus nigra), the most highly preferred and vulnerable host of emerald ash borer (EAB) in North America, has cultural and spiritual significance to many Native American and First Nations tribes across its range. This presentation details the EAB invasion, loss of black ash resources, and associated cultural impact. Presented by Nathan Siegert at the 2022 SAF National Convention in Baltimore, MD.

  • FAO Regional Forest Invasive Species Networks & Biosecurity

    FAO established four forest invasive species networks: APFISN (Asia-Pacific), FISNA (Africa) NENPHIS (Near East), REUFIS (Europe & Central Asia). Objectives are to raise awareness, share information, facilitate access, build capacity and regional cooperation and collaboration. A global forest biosecurity framework is being developed under a OneHealth approach through among-network collaboration. Presented by Bruce Moltzan at the 2022 SAF National Convention in Baltimore, MD.

  • Forest Pest Biodiversity in the Anthropocene, Forest Health as a Social Dilemma, and Social-Ecological Resilience

    Invasive insects and pathogens devastate forest ecosystems along with climate change; Forest health is a global public good but due to conflicts of interest, the forest health crisis is a social dilemma; Collective action will depend on exchange of pest biodiversity and biogeography data to assess risk Presented by Geoffrey Williams at the 2022 SAF National Convention in Baltimore, MD.