Journal of Forestry Quiz - May 2020

Read the Journal of Forestry May 2020 issue and complete the 10-question quiz. Earn 4. Category 1 CFEs when you pass the quiz with a score of at least 70%. 


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Partnerships to Take on Climate Change: Adaptation Forestry and Conifer Strongholds Projects in the Northwoods, Minnesota, USA
M.A. White, M. Cornett, K. Frerker, and J. Etterson

The Decline of the Clearcut: Twenty-six Years of Change in Silvicultural Practices and Implications in Minnesota
M.A. Windmuller-Campione, M.B. Russell, E. Sagor, A. D'Amato, A. Ek, K. Puettmann, and M.G. Rodman

Rethinking Northern Hardwood Forest Mandagement Paradigms with Silvicultural Systems Research: Research-Management Partnerships Ensure Relevance and Application
M.B. Walters, G.J. Roloff, C. Henry, J.R. Hartman, M. Donovan, E.J. Farinosi, and M. Starking

Evaluating Economic Impacts of Prescribed Fire in the Central Hardwood Region
D.P Mann, J. Wiedenbeck, D.C. Dey, and M.R. Saunders

Managing Forest Health through Collaboration on the Allegheny High Unglaciated Plateau
J.W. Hanson, A. Hille, S.L. Stout, M. McDonough, and W. Oldland

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May 2020 Quiz
10 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  7/10 points to pass
10 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  7/10 points to pass
CFE Credit
4.00 CAT1 credits  |  Certificate available
4.00 CAT1 credits  |  Certificate available