Journal of Forestry- November 2018

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Evaluation of Three Forest-Based Bioenergy Development Strategies in the Inland Northwest, United States
D. Saul, S. Newman, S. Peterson, E. Kosse, R. Jacobson, S. Devadoss, T. Laninga, J. Moroney

Economic Impacts of the Shortleaf-Bluestem Community Restoration Project
A. Shrestha and S. R. Mehmood

 Economic Contribution Analysis of the Forest Products Industry: A Comparison of the Two Methods for Multi-Sector Contribution Analysis Using IMPLAN
R. Parajuli, J.E. Henderson, S. Tanger, O. Joshi, and R. Dahal

Utilization of Low Grade Wood for Use as Animal Bedding: A Case Study of Eastern Hemlock
M.M. Smith, C.J. Park, C.P. Andam, and J.D. Aber

Family Forest Landowners and The Endangered Species Act:  Assessing Potential Incentive Programs
L.K. Ward, G.T. Green, and R.L. Izlar

Logging Pattern and Landscape Change in Southern Mexico: Identifying Potential Weaknesses and Strengthening Conservation in Community-based Management Programs through Landscape Analysis
J.A. Ascanio-Lárraga, J.L. León-Cortés, M.A. Castillo-Santiago, and E. Ramírez-Segura

Performance Metrics for Street and Park Trees in Urban Forests
E.A. North, A.W. D’Amato, and M.B. Russell

Review of the Effects of Conservation Easements on Surrounding Property Values
T. Reeves, B. Mei, P. Bettinger, and J. Siry

A Review of Research Needs for Pollinators in Managed Conifer Forests
J.W. River, S.M. Galbraith, J.H. Cane, C.B. Schultz, M.D. Ulyshen, and U.G. Kormann

VEB-Econ: A Vegetative Environmental Buffer decision support tool for environmental quality Management
J. Tyndall and J. Randall

Strategies for Successful Engagement of African American Landowners in Forestry
J. Schelhas, S. Hitchner, and P. Dwivedi

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November 2018 Quiz
16 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  12/16 points to pass
16 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  12/16 points to pass
CFE Credit
9.00 CAT1 credits  |  Certificate available
9.00 CAT1 credits  |  Certificate available