Journal of Forestry- July 2018

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Benchmarking Scholarly Performance by Faculty in Forestry and Forest Products
R.K. Swihart, M. Sundaram, K.F. Kellner, and S. Fei

Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Fire Science Exchange Network:  A National Evaluation of Initiative Impacts
L.D. Maletsky, W.P. Evans, L. Singletary, and L.L. Sicafuse

Applying Lidar Individual Tree Detection to Management of Structurally Diverse Forest Landscapes
S.M.A. Jeronimo, V.R. Kane, D.J. Churchill, R.J. McGaughey, and J.F. Franklin

Assessing the Economic Viability of Loggers Operating Tree-Length Harvest Systems in the Northeast
J. Regula, R. Germain, S. Bick, and L. Zhang

In Forest and Intact: Designating Future Use of Family-Forest-Owned Land
M. Markowski-Lindsay, P. Catanzaro, K. Bell, D. Kittredge, E. Markowitz, J. Leahy, B. Butler, A. Milman, and S. Allred

The Context of Place: Issues Measuring Place Attachment Across Urban Forest Contexts
C.J. Wynveen, I.E. Schneider, and A. Arnberger

Normative and Ethical Foundations of Ecological Forestry in the United States
V.A. Sample

Rethinking the Wildland Fire Management System
M.P. Thompson, D.G. MacGregor, C.J. Dunn, D.E. Calkin, and J. Phipps

Insights on the Use of Decision-Support Tools to Sustain Forest Ecosystems from a Case Study in Pennsylvania, USA
J. Rittenhouse, L. Leites, K. Derham, and S. Miller

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July 2018 Quiz
# of Questions: 16 | Total Points: 16 | Passing Score:  12
# of Questions: 16 | Total Points: 16 | Passing Score:  12
CFE Credit
5.50 CAT1 credits  |  Certificate available
5.50 CAT1 credits  |  Certificate available