2018 SAF National Convention Technical Sessions

This technical session package from the 2018 SAF National Convention, in Portland, OR, contains 45 presentations and over 15 hours of recorded content.


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Presentations are viewable and searchable within six focus areas. Use the Quick or Advanced Search to quickly seek out the presentations that are most relevant to your practice of forestry or anything else that peaks your interest. Each section is outlined below with the respective quantity of presentations available to view.

Education & Communication (3)

Insect, Disease, Fire (12)

                Entomology & Pathology (6)

                Fire & Fuels Management (6)

Forest Policy (6)

Forestry Systems: Agroforestry, Private Forestry, and Urban & Community Forestry (2)

                Agroforestry (1)

                Private Forestry/Family Forest Owners (1)

                Urban & Community Forestry (0)

Harvesting & Utilization (6)

                Biomass, Bioenergy, and Carbon (1)

                Economics (2)

                Harvesting & Utilization (2)

                Technology (1)

Silviculture: Forest Ecology and Data Informing Decisions (16)

                Boots on the Ground Guidelines (4)

                Eastern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (0)

                Northern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (3)

                Northwestern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (2)

                Southern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (3)

                Western Silviculture & Forest Ecology (3)


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  • Contains 16 Component(s)

    Watch 16 Silviculture & Forest Ecology recorded presentations from the 2018 SAF National Convention.

    View these 16 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Dry Deciduous Forest of Southwest Madagascar: How Forest Reserve Effects Composition, Structure, and DiversityBenjamin Rifkin, Yale University

    Boots on the Ground Guidelines

    Effectiveness of Forestry BMPs for Reducing Risk of Herbicide Use to Aquatic Organisms. Vickie Tatum, NCASI

    A New Forest Management Decisions Support Tool for Herbicide Applications in the Western Gulf Region of the US. Kyle Cunningham, University of Arkansas

    Implementing the Landscape Triad: Timber Production, Wildlife, and Reserve Silviculture Case Studies. Kyle Gill, University of Minnesota, Cloquet Forestry Center

    Individual Tree Inventories - Species Identification & Segmentation Issues with Varying LiDAR Point Densities. Mike Parlow, Object Raku Technology

    Eastern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    No presentations available. View other regionally focused presentations to spark insight or identify unexpected correlations.

    Northern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Assessing the Performance of Nine Future Climate-Adapted Species in Northern Minnesota. Jacob Muller, University of Minnesota

    Impact of Dwarf Mistletoe and Alternative Silvicultural Treatments in Black Spruce in Minnesota. Raychel Skay, University of Minnesota

    Regeneration in Irregular Shelterwoods: Changes over a 25-Year Chronosequence and Legacy Effects. Jessica Wikle, Yale University

    Northwestern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Ecological Forest Management in Kitsap County Washington Parks. Arno Bergstrom, Kitsap County

    Streamflow Changes Resulting from Spatiotemporal Patterns of Forest Canopy Change in Northern Idaho. Timothy Link, University of Idaho

    Southern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Environmental Effects of Short-Rotation Pine Production for Bioenergy: Findings from a Watershed Experiment. Natalie Griffiths, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Forest Management and Water Yield in the Southeastern United States. Matthew Cohen, University of Florida

    Long-Term Monitoring to Inform Adaptive Management - The Ichauway Experience. Steve Jack, Temple Foundation

    Western Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Physiology and Growth of Redwood and Douglas-fir Seedlings Planted After Variable Density Retention. Lucy Kerhoulas, Humboldt State University

    Response of Improved Western Larch Clones to Site Quality and Climate. Kelsie Grover, University of Idaho      

    Water Stable Isotope Ratios Reveal Network Scale Variability in Base Flow Water Sources in a Western Cascades. Catalina Segura, Oregon State University

  • Contains 12 Component(s)

    Watch 12 Insect, Disease, Fire recorded presentations from the 2018 SAF National Convention.

    View these 12 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Entomology & Pathology

    It's in Their Genes - Identifying Patterns of Genetic Resistance to Blister Rust in Southwestern White PineJeremy Johnson, Northern Arizona University

    Root Disease Caused Tree Mortality in Western WA Forests: Highlighting the Impacts of Significant DisturbancesAmy Ramsey, Washington Department of Natural Resources

    Science and Management of Ceratocystis Wilt on Metrosideros in Hawai'iJB Friday, University of Hawai'i

    The Invasive Shot Hole Borer and Its Symbiotic Relationship to the Fungus FusariumMadeleine Rauhe, California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

    Western White Pine Disease Resistance in Western Washington: Operational Planting and Resistant Stock TypesAmy Ramsey, Washington Department of Natural Resources

    White Pine Regeneration: Effects of Competition on Growth and Pest DamageKatherine Minnix, Michigan State University

    Fire & Fuels Management

    Accumulated Forest Floor Fuels Instigate Long-Duration Soil Heating During Burning in Longleaf Pine ForestsJesse Kreye, Penn State University

    An Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Select Colorado WildfiresKurt Mackes, Colorado State University

    Managing Human Influenced Fire Regimes on the Washington CoastlineDavid Cass, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

    Predicting Time since Fire from Landscape Level Variables within the Boreal Forest of Alaska: A Spatial TobitBrian Young, Landmark College

    To Insure or Not to Insure? Factors Affecting Insurance Options for Prescribed Burning Practitioners in the USRajan Parajuli, North Carolina State University

    LiDAR Combined with Landsat Increases the Accuracy and Resolution of Landscape-scale Estimates of Fire EffectsMichael Hoe, SCS Global Services

  • Contains 6 Component(s)

    Watch 6 Harvesting & Utilization recorded presentations from the 2018 SAF National Convention.

    View these 6 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Biomass, Bioenergy, and Carbon

    Updated LCI Data Impacts on Carbon Stores & Displacement OpportunitiesBruce Lippke, University of Washington


    Southern Forestry Practices: Costs and Trends. Adam Maggard, Auburn University

    The Magnitude of Variation in Results By Using Different Economic Contribution Analysis Approach Using IMPLANJagdish Poudel, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

    Harvesting & Utilization

    Landslides in Coastal Oregon: How Geologic Conditions Affect Harvest PlanningPaul Clements, Oregon Department of Forestry

    Landslides in Coastal Oregon: How Downslope Public Safety Concerns Affect Harvesting OperationsPaul Clements, Oregon Department of Forestry    


    Use of Lidar-derived Forest and Topographic Characteristics to Classify Alternative Harvest System OptionsRyer Becker, University of Idaho

  • Contains 2 Component(s)

    Watch 2 Forestry Systems recorded presentations from the 2018 SAF National Convention.

    View these 2 presentations under the Contents tab:


    Use of Livestock As a Form of Site Preparation during Silvopasture Establishment from WoodlandJoseph Orefice, Yale University

    Private Forestry - Family Forest Owners

    Impacts of Unpredictable Climate PatternsJoseph Orefice, Yale University

    Urban & Community Forestry 

    No presentations available. View other presentations, especially Urban & Community Forestry presentations from 2016, 2017, and the free video library to spark insight or identify unexpected correlations.

  • Contains 6 Component(s)

    Watch 6 Forest Policy recorded presentations from the 2018 SAF National Convention.

    View these 6 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Forest Science and the Impact of Vetocracy in Collaborative Management in Oregon ForestsAdrienne Strubb, University of Minnesota

    Rethinking Riparian Policy for Federal and Private Forests in OregonGordon Reeves, Oregon State University

    Review of the Effects of Conservation Easements on Surrounding Property ValuesTyler Reeves, University of Georgia

    Science and Policy for Novelty, Persistence, and Restoration in Forest ManagementAdena Rissman, University of Wisconsin - Madison

    Scientists and Policy-Makers: What is the Connection? Jo Ellen Force, University of Idaho

    Using Best Available Science Information: Defining Best and AvailableBryce Esch, Ecological Restoration Institute

  • Contains 3 Component(s)

    Watch 3 Education & Communication recorded presentations from the 2018 SAF National Convention.

    View these 3 presentations under the Contents tab:

    A Case Study in Engaged Undergraduate Research on Small- and Medium-Scale Non-Timber Forest Product ProductionJessica Leahy, University of Maine

    Natural Resources Professional Societies' Visual Portrayal Online: Are They Representative? Tara Bal, Michigan Technological University

    Throw Out the Cookbook to Learn GISPeter Linehan, Penn State University