2017 SAF National Convention Technical Sessions

This technical session package from the 2017 SAF National Convention, in Albuquerque, NM, contains more than 50 presentations and over 25 hours of recorded content.


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Presentations are viewable and searchable within six focus areas. Use the Quick or Advanced Search to quickly seek out the presentations that are most relevant to your practice of forestry or anything else that peaks your interest. Each section is outlined below with the respective quantity of presentations available to view.

Education & Communication (3)

Forest Policy (6)

Forestry Systems: Agroforestry, Private Forestry, and Urban & Community Forestry (4)

                Agroforestry (2)

                Private Forestry/Family Forest Owners (1)

                Urban & Community Forestry (1)

Harvesting & Utilization (13)

                Biomass, Bioenergy, and Carbon (3)

                Economics (3)

                Harvesting & Utilization (2)

                Technology (5)

Insect, Disease, Fire (8)

                Entomology & Pathology (3)

                Fire & Fuels Management (5)

Silviculture: Forest Ecology and Data Informing Decisions (18)

                Boots on the Ground: Data, Guidelines, and Experiences (3)

                Eastern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (1)

                Northern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (3)

                Northwestern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (1)

                Southern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (6)

                Western Silviculture & Forest Ecology (2)

                Water & Watersheds (2)


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  • Contains 18 Component(s)

    Watch 18 Silviculture & Forest Ecology recorded presentations from the 2017 SAF National Convention.

    View these 18 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Boots on the Ground: Data, Guidelines, & Experiences

    Enabling Development of Tailored Composite Volume Yield Estimates in Minnesota, USA, David Wilson, University of Minnesota

    Good Data Gone Bad: Effective Visualization in Forestry, Matthew Russell, University of Minnesota

    Lessons Learned Teaching Data Visualization in Forest Science, Andrew Sanchez-Meador, Northern Arizona University

    Eastern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Shortleaf Pine Response to Thinning at the Onset of a Severe Drought, Samantha Anderson, University of Missouri-Columbia

    Northern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Assimilation of Tree Ring and Repeat Census Data to Model Past Forest Dynamics and Drought Responses, Malcolm Itter, Department of Forestry, Michigan State University

    Exotic Larch: A Proven Winner for the North, David Maass, Independent Consultant

    Northwestern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Site-level Factors Determining Post-fire Conifer Regeneration in Eastern Oregon, Angela Boag, University of Colorado Boulder

    Do Different Selection System Strategies Insure Long-term Sustainable Growth of Northern Hardwood Stands?Sarita Bassil, SUNY-ESF

    Southern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Black Bear Damage to Northwestern Conifers in California: A ReviewKenneth Fulgham, Humboldt State, Forestry & Wildland Resources Department

    Climate Change, Disturbance, Canopy Density, and Longleaf Pine Regeneration—Are We Missing Something?, Steve Jack, Jones Ecological Research Center

    Drought Effects on Pine Plantations in the Southern US, Dehai Zhao, University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

    Facilitation Forestry: Intercropping to Increase Plantation Resistance and Resilience, David Buckley, University of Tennessee

    The Chinese Tallow Invasion Pattern under Different Disturbances at Stand Level in the Southeast Coastal Area USA, Shaoyang Yang, Forestry Department of Mississippi State University

    Which Factors Contribute to the Presence and Abundance of Invasive Tree Species in Mississippi?, Don Grebner, Mississippi State University

    Western Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Statewide Forest Management Plan, Jason Parke, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

    What Have We Learned from the Last Decade’s Research about Drought-induced Tree Mortality in the Southwest?, Thomas Kolb, Northern Arizona University   

    Water & Watersheds

    Managing Contemporary Mixed Land-use Watersheds: Resurrecting the Experimental Watershed Study Approach, Jason Hubbart, West Virginia University

    Multiple Land-use Impacts on Forested Floodplain Groundwater Processes, Elliot Kellner, West Virginia University

  • Contains 8 Component(s)

    Watch eight Insect, Disease, Fire recorded presentations from the 2017 SAF National Convention.

    View these eight presentations under the Contents tab:

    Entomology & Pathology

    Mountain Pine Beetles in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming: A Collaborative, Strategic Response, Gregory Josten, South Dakota Department of Agriculture

    Subalpine Fir Decline: Relationships Between Armillaria Root Disease, Bark Beetles, and Climate, Jane Stewart, Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management

    Sustaining the Health of Southwestern White Pine Populations through Adaptive Traits, Ethan Bucholz, Northern Arizona University

    Fire & Fuels Management

    Getting Started with Wildfire and Values at Risk Assessment for the Rio Grande, Steven Bassett, The Nature Conservancy

    Preparing for Future Fire: Governance Change in the Alaska Wildland Fire Management System, Tait Rutherford, Colorado State University

    Probability of Wildfire Occurrences and Its Effect on Carbon Sequestration Efforts in the United States, Raju Pokharel, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho

    Wildfire Management, Cost, and Burn Severity in the Southwest Since 2012, Zander Evans, Forest Stewards Guild

    Wildland Fire Shelter Improvement Research, Joseph Roise, North Carolina State University

  • Contains 13 Component(s)

    Watch 13 Harvesting & Utilization recorded presentations from the 2017 SAF National Convention.

    View these 13 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Biomass, Bioenergy, and Carbon

    Framework to Identify Effects of Forest Management for Wood-based Pellets on BiodiversityLatha Baskaran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Putting the Fire in a Box; Emerging Fuel Treatment Alternatives, Darren McAvoy, Utah State University

    Sustainable Biomass Production and the Need for Supply Chain Transparency, Ben Larson, Enviva


    Ascertaining Extent of Deforestation in Southern Georgia Due to Agricultural Expansion: An Integrated Approach, Suraj Upadhaya, University of Georgia

    Dry Forest Restoration Costs and Revenues: An Oregon Case Study, Max Bennett, Oregon State University

    Forestry in the Last Frontier: A Forest Products Industry Perspective in Alaska, Kate Marcille, University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research

    Harvesting & Utilization

    Assessing the Role of Wood Mills in Determining Supply of Forest-based Ecosystem Services in Georgia, Karuna Paudel, University of Georgia

    Economic Contribution Analysis of Forest Products Industries in Michigan, Larry Leefers, Michigan State University



    Accuracy Assessment on Drone Measured Heights at Different Height Levels, I-Kuai Hung, Stephen F. Austin State University

    Development of High Density LiDAR Derived Forest Inventory, Dennis Kepler, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

    Measuring and Monitoring Forest Structure and Biomass from Space, Sassan Saatchi, JPL CALTECH

    Delineating Forested Wetlands and Crop Areas Using Synthetic Aperture Radar, Josef Kellndorfer, Earth Big Data, LLC

    NASA's GEDI Mission: Mapping Forest Height and Biomass from the International Space Station, Laura Duncanson, University of Maryland / NASA Goddard

  • Contains 4 Component(s)

    Watch four Forestry Systems recorded presentations from the 2017 SAF National Convention.

    View these four presentations under the Contents tab:


    Agroforestry Nutrient Credit Trading in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Region, John Munsell, Virginia Tech

    Hybrid Poplar: A Potential Multipurpose Tree for Woody Biomass in Semi-arid ClimatesSam Allen, New Mexico State University

    Private Forestry - Family Forest Owners

    Implementation of Fuel Reduction Treatments on Nonindustrial Private Forest Lands in Mississippi, Anusha Shrestha, Mississippi State University

    Urban & Community Forestry 

    Understanding How Urban Residential Owners Perceive and Manage Their Trees: A Comparison of Four WI Cities, Kathryn Thostenson, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

  • Contains 6 Component(s)

    Watch six Forest Policy recorded presentations from the 2017 SAF National Convention.

    View these six presentations under the Contents tab:

    An Evaluation of the Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership, Laren Cyphers, Colorado State University

    Assessing the First Generation of Forest Service Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments, Thomas Timberlake, Colorado State University

    State Funding for Wildfire Suppression in the Western United States, Dennis Becker, University of Idaho

    Utah's Wildland Fire Policy - A Comprehensive, Statewide Approach to Wildfire Risk Reduction, Brian Cottam, Utah Division of Forestry

    Water Source Protection in Rio Grande HeadwatersAlan G. Hook, City of Santa Fe Water Division

    A Preliminary Analysis of Laws and Policies Governing Prescribed Fire, Courtney Schultz, Colorado State University

  • Contains 3 Component(s)

    Watch three Education & Communication recorded presentations from the 2017 SAF National Convention.

    View these three presentations under the Contents tab:

    Analyzing Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Forestry BMPs in GeorgiaChantal Tumpach, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia

    Stakeholder Opinions on Scientific Forest Management Implementation in Nepal, Omkar Joshi, Oklahoma State University

    Water Quality Impacts on Outdoor Recreation in a Heavily Forested State: West Virginia, USA, Case Study, Jonas Leveque, West Virginia University