2016 SAF National Convention Technical Sessions

This technical session package from the 2016 SAF National Convention, in Madison, WI, contains more than 70 presentations and over 30 hours of recorded content.


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Presentations are viewable and searchable within six focus areas. Use the Quick or Advanced Search to quickly seek out the presentations that are most relevant to your practice of forestry or anything else that peaks your interest. Each section is outlined below with the respective quantity of presentations available to view.

Education & Communication (8)

Insect, Disease, Fire (7)

                Entomology & Pathology (2)

                Fire & Fuels Management (5)

Forest Policy (4)

Forestry Systems: Agroforestry, Private Forestry, and Urban & Community Forestry (16)

                Agroforestry (1)

                Private Forestry/Family Forest Owners (11)

                Urban & Community Forestry (4)

Harvesting & Utilization (17)

                Biomass, Bioenergy, and Carbon (4)

                Economics (7)

                Harvesting & Utilization (4)

                Technology (2)

Silviculture: Forest Ecology and Data Informing Decisions (23)

                Boots on the Ground Guidelines (4)

                Eastern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (4)

                Northern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (3)

                Northwestern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (2)

                Southern Silviculture & Forest Ecology (5)

                Western Silviculture & Forest Ecology (5)


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  • Contains 23 Component(s)

    Watch 23 Silviculture & Forest Ecology recorded presentations from the 2016 SAF National Convention.

    View these 23 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Boots on the Ground Guidelines

    A Northern Red Oak Crop Tree Marking Protocol for Training New Timber Markers, Michael Demchik, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

    Developing Wisconsin’s Silviculture Guidelines: Integrating Science, Field Experience, and Partner Involvement, Greg Edge, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    Forested and Riparian Ecological Site Descriptions: A Tool for Conservation Management, Stacey Clark, USDA-NRCS

    Norms and Efficiencies in Subsampling Stems for Total Height Measurement, Nan Pond, SilviaTerra

    Eastern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Benefits of Mixedwood Management: Reduced Spruce Budworm Impacts in Acadian Spruce-Fir Hardwood Forests, David MacLean, University of New Brunswick

    Northern Red Oak Regeneration: 25-year Results of Cutting and Prescribed Fire in Michigan Oak and Pine Stands, Joshua Granger, University of Tennessee

    Maintaining the Softwood Component in Yellow Birch-Conifer Stands of Eastern Canada: A Great Challenge, Patricia Raymond, Quebec Ministry of Forest, Wildlife and Parks

    Putting the ‘Mixed’ in Mixedwoods: Silvicultural Approaches to Shortleaf Pine Regeneration in Pine-Oak Forests, Benjamin Knapp, University of Missouri

    Northern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Forest Understory Vegetation Exhibits Increased Diversity and Structural Variation Under Residue Removals, Michael Premer, Michigan Technological University

    Long-term Regeneration Dynamics in Northern Hardwood Forests of the Northeast, Nicole Rogers, University of Vermont

    Long-term Biomass Dynamics across a Range of Oak-Pine Mixedwood Conditions in Southern Maine, Justin Waskiewicz, University of Vermont, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

    Northwestern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Forest Responses to Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilization across Common Inland Northwest Parent Materials, Andrew Nelson, University of Idaho

    Effects of Chemical Vegetation Control on Understory Community Dynamics in Douglas-fir Plantations, Maxwell Wightman, Oregon State University

    Southern Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Opportunities and Benefits of Using Biosolids and Compost for Fast Growing Plantations, Donald Rockwood, University of Florida

    Managing Multi-Aged Longleaf Pine Forests: Overstory and Regeneration Response to Harvest Treatment, Steve Jack, Jones Ecological Research Center

    A Size-class Growth and Yield System for Even-Aged Longleaf Pine, Dwight Lauer, Silvics Analytics

    Practical Applications of Southern Pines Growth, Yield and Carbon Balance Model, Jarek Nowak, Florida Forest Service

    Will Chinese Tallow Outcompete Two Fast-growing Native Tree Species?, Lauren Pile, Clemson University

    Western Silviculture & Forest Ecology

    Southwestern White Pine Seedling Tolerances to a Changing Climate: Early Results from Common Gardens, Jessica DaBell, Northern Arizona University

    Challenges and Opportunities for Maintaining Ponderosa Pine Forests in the Southwestern U.S., Thomas Kolb, Northern Arizona University

    Can Past Silvicultural Treatments Build Resistance and Resilience to a Spruce Beetle Epidemic?, Marcella Windmuller-Campione, Utah State University

    Surviving Against the Odds: A Silvicultural Approach to Monterey Pine Regeneration and Pitch Canker, Tori Norville, Cal Poly

    Moderate to High-severity Wildfires Shift Stand Composition in the Southern Cascades, CaliforniaKathryn R. Kidd, Stephen F. Austin State University



  • Contains 7 Component(s)

    Watch seven Insect, Disease, Fire recorded presentations from the 2016 SAF National Convention.

    View these seven presentations under the Contents tab:

    Entomology & Pathology

    An Ounce of Prevention – The Spread of Heterobasidion Root Disease and the Evolution of Control Methods, John McLaughlin, BioForest

    Emerald Ash Borer Management: Viewing Through an Economic, Ecologic, and Social Lens, Andrew VanNatta, City of Milwaukee

    Fire & Fuels Management

    Regeneration Dynamics Following Fuels Treatments in a Lower Montane Forest, Colorado, USA, Seth Ex, Colorado State University

    Smoldering Combustion in Forest Floor Duff: A Restoration Challenge, Jesse Kreye, Virginia Tech

    Building a Fire Program That Can Shape Ecosystems: Reflections on Twenty Years of Building a Fire Program, Steven Miller, St Johns River Water Management District

    Wildfire Impacts on California Spotted Owl Nesting Habitat in the Sierra Nevada, Steven Miller, St Johns River Water Management District

    Efficacy of Resource Objective Wildfires for Restoring Ponderosa Pine Ecosystems of Northern Arizona, David Huffman, Ecological Restoration Institute, Northern Arizona University

  • Contains 17 Component(s)

    Watch 17 Harvesting & Utilization recorded presentations from the 2016 SAF National Convention.

    View these 17 presentations under the Contents tab:

    Biomass, Bioenergy, and Carbon

    Southern Pines Growth, Yield and Carbon Balance Integrated Model, Carlos Gonzalez-Benecke, Oregon State University

    Branch Volume, Weight, and Biomass Partitioning for Red Pine Pulpwood in North Central Wisconsin, Paul Doruska, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

    Biomass Harvesting in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Forest: Finding Ecological and Economic Answers, Jeff Fera, Natural Resources Canada

    A New, Dynamic Forest Management-Climate Decision Support System, Leslie Boby, Southern Regional Extension Forestry


    Economic Growth, Technological Change, and the Global Demand for Newsprint: Implications for the US Industry, Craig Johnston, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Regional Economic Impact of a Western North Carolina Pellet Mill, Laurel Kays, NCSU

    ForestryImpacts.net: One-stop Shop for Forest Economic Contribution Reports, Leslie Boby, Southern Regional Extension Forestry

    Sustainable Forest Products Supply Chains, Dalia Abbas, University of Georgia

    Impacts of Best Management Practices on Logging Costs and Productivity in the Northeast U.S.A., Matthew Kelly, Michigan Technological University

    Evaluating Best Management Practice (BMP) Implementation, Laura Heier, Steigerwaldt Land Services

    Maintaining Logger Viability in the Northeast, Jamie Regula, SUNY ESF

    Harvesting & Utilization

    Examining Wood Product Associated Emissions and Bioenergy in the Southern Rockies, Todd Morgan, The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research

    Characterizing Timber Salvage Operations on Public Forests in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Matthew Russell, University of Minnesota

    The Black Forest Burned Timber Recovery Effort, Kurt Mackes, Colorado State University

    Single Tree Selection Order of Removal in Northern Hardwood Forests (Economic & Ecological Analysis of Northern Hardwood Single-Tree Selection Order of Removal Procedures) bottom of videos, Forrest Gibeault, Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc    



    Real-time Tracking in Logging: Effects of Canopy, Aspect, and PDOP on GPS Movement Data and Geofence Accuracy, Eloise Zimbelman, University of Idaho

    Multi-transmitter GPS Accuracy Analysis for Recording Swing Movements of Harvesting Machinery, Ryer Becker, University of Idaho

  • Contains 16 Component(s)

    Watch 16 Forestry Systems recorded presentations from the 2016 SAF National Convention.

    View these 16 presentations under the Contents tab:


    PA Agroforestry: Learning, Connecting, Getting it Done, Rachel Reyna, PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry

    Private Forestry - Family Forest Owners

    Landowner Support of Voluntary Projects to Restore Salmon Habitat in Oregon, Daniel Olson, Oregon Department of Forestry

    Business Practices Among Oregon Family Forestland Owners, Brenton French, Oregon State University

    Woodland Owner Engagement Research and Practice: A Brief Review, Eli Sagor, University of Minnesota

    Family Forest Owners in the Wisconsin Northwoods: Outreach and Engagement Strategies, Melinda Vokoun, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

    Strengthening Partnership, Building Capacity, and Fostering Learning with Evaluation, Alanna Koshollek, Aldo Leopold Foundation

    Woodcock and Warblers: Using Interest in Wildlife to Engage Private Forest Landowners, Jeremy Holtz, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    Target Marketing to Private Forest Landowners for Turkey Habitat Management
    , Rick Horton, National Wild Turkey Federation

    Effectively Reaching Unengaged Woodland Owners through My Wisconsin Woods, Steve Swenson, Aldo Leopold Foundation

    University of Wisconsin Extension Landowner Engagement Strategies in the Drifltess Area, Randy Mell, UW Extension

    Pathways to Progress in Landowner Engagement Strategies: Applied Insights and Panel Discussion, Tricia Knoot, Wisconsin DNR

    Assessing Differences Among Private Forest Owners: The Impact of ‘Legacy’ Ownerships, Donald Hodges, University of Tennessee

    Urban & Community Forestry 

    The "10-20-30 Rule" Revisited: Is it a Useful Standard for Urban Forest Diversity?, Mark Ambrose, NC State University

    Regional Goals - Local Action, Lydia Scott, Chicago Region Trees Initiative (The Morton Arboretum)

    Estimating the Willingness to Preserve Open Space in Coastal Waterfronts, Ram Dahal, Mississippi State University

    Urban Forest Assessments and Urban Tree Use: Lessons Learned from MN, NC, and VA, Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail Partners

  • Contains 4 Component(s)

    Watch four Forest Policy recorded presentations from the 2016 SAF National Convention.

    View these four presentations under the Contents tab:

    CFLRP and the Mediating Influence of Federal Contract Regulations on Benefit to Local Communities, Chelsea McIver, University of Montana, Bureau of Business and Economic Research

    Forest Restoration at the Landscape Scale: Addressing Challenges of Collective Action in Mixed-Ownership Lands
    , Erin Kelly, Humboldt State University

    Anticipating Social Acceptability in Forestry: A Q Method Approach for Structuring Stakeholder Perspectives
    , Miku Lenentine, University of Washington

    Updating Oregon’s Forest Practices Monitoring Strategy: Cultural Change and Lessons Learned
    , W. Terry Frueh, Oregon Department of Forestry

  • Contains 9 Component(s)

    Watch nine Education & Communication recorded presentations from the 2016 SAF National Convention.

    View these nine presentations under the Contents tab:

    Communication – A Perspective from the Forestry Community, Thomas Hittle, Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc.

    Advocating for Forestry - Science Literacy Among the Public, Gregory Albert, American Forest Management

    Confessions of a Forestry Communications Award Winner, Robert Williams, Pine Creek Forestry, LLC

    An Innovative Wood Utilization Educational Toolkit to Attain Healthy Forests and Sustainable Communities, Susan Guynn, Clemson University

    A Model for Engaging Small Acreage Woodland Owners: The Woods In Your Backyard, Jonathan Kays, University of Maryland

    PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks, Protecting Future Forests, Susan Burks, MNDNR, Forestry Division

    The Heritage and Success of Wisconsin’s School Forest Program, Gretchen Marshall, LEAF Program: Wisconsin's K-12 Forestry Education Program

    Assessing Forestry Learning Needs Across Generations, Alanna Koshollek, Aldo Leopold Foundation

    Ethnobotany as a Pathway for Attracting & Retaining Minority Students to Natural Resources, Sunshine Brosi, Frostburg State University